WARSTORY: Scottish Jacobites FAQ

You can download WARSTORY: Scottish Jacobites on itch.io. (Link will be announced on release) We are also planing to have a steam release with more content at a later date.

If you have downloaded the installer, you just need to run it to download the latest version of WARSTORY: Scottish Jacobites. You can also update or repair your installation this way.

At the moment we support Windows, MacOSX, Linux and FreeBSD

We are still evaluating this part as there are a lot of changes at the moment.

You can submit a bug report in our bug discord channel via the codecks bot (!bug). Adding a screenshot and further descriptions will help us pin down the problem faster. Please do not use this to spam and be aware that we will sometimes delete duplicated bug posts.

You can press F12 in game to create a screenshot. This will create screenshot folder inside your install directory.

We are always open for feedback. You can post ideas and feature request in our feature request discord channel. You can also use our codecks bot (!feature) to directly create a card in our tracker tool. This may require some upvotes of other users.

Make sure your internet connection is active and your game is not set to “private”. Your router also needs to forward UDP port 10000 to your server.
We will automate this in a later release.

Controller support ist planed for a future release. In the meantime you could use antimicro with this config file to map a Xbox controller to the game.

You can post your question in our discord support channel or open a ticket in the same channel by using our codecks bot (!support). We will try to answer all questions but please keep in mind that we are only a small team.

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