WARSTORY: Scottish Jacobites Press Kit


‘WARSTORY: Scottish Jacobites’ is a first person action game that combines elements of shooter, strategy and survival. The setting revolves around the Jacobite uprising of 1745 in Scotland.

Welcome to Scotland!

The year is 1745. Borne by the unfortunate defeats of the past, the clans of the scottish highlands are rising alongside the supporters of Charles Edward Stuart for their last forceful rebellion against the British Crown. On both sides great commanders figth for resources and the support of their claims. Join the fight! Rewrite history!

In 'WARSTORY: Scottish Jacobites' you assume the role of a commander of the British Army or Jacobites' forces. Build settlements, fortify encampments and recruit armys. Play alone or together with friends and focus on economy and survival of your settelments. Play against others in action packed squad battles. Lead your side to victory by carefully balancing economic, logistic and military efforts. Gather resources, construct buildings and establish production cycles. Ensure the survival of your villagers by providing food and shelter. Recruit squads with different weaponary and lead them in tactical field battles agains your foes.

  • Direct combat system with a variety of different weapons.
  • Build settelments and defense structures.
  • Gather resources and let your villagers refine them into weapons and products.
  • Lead NPC Squads into field battles.
  • Multiplayer (client-server based)
  • Shared Multiplayer (control one player color with more than one player)

Planned features (not in game yet)
  • More Maps
  • More Game Modes (Death Match, Squad only, Survival)
  • More buildings
  • More weapons and units
  • Day and night cycles with gameplay impact
  • Seasons and Weather with gameplay impact
  • Naval Combat
  • Campaign and Scenario Maps
  • Map Editor

About Mindty Kollektiv

We are a collective of freelancers focussing on digital 3d, sound content creation, game development and realtime visualization applications.


  • Designers: Dominik Hepp
  • Programmers: Andreas Drewke
  • Artists: Kolja Gumpert
  • Composers: Georg Richard