WARSTORY – Alpha Release Notes #3 – From a code point of view

Hi, its time for another update.

We have of course been busy with stuff related to WS and also stuff thats not related to WS.
But finally we are back on track, which means we are working on WS a lot again.

The biggest news is that we have created and improved a small extendable scripting language and connected  it with WS for our WS bot behaviours.
Eventually we have transferred all villager behaviour logics to MiniScript now, which was kind of a requirement for a AI commander you can play against, which we will add later.
Also we added a nice system for perception sending and receiving for our bots.

Now, while our game designer Tepilogic is working hard to get the combat unit scripts ready, I am working hard on squad movements.

So If you ask me, things are getting in shape very well.

What else might be missing I guess is a good map for the alpha using our brand new terrain editor.

Additionally on TDME2 side Tepilogic has completed the new editor UI while I started to refactor the old tools into the new combined editor.

Furthermore lots of stuff has been archived, but these ones were the most important ones.

Thank you.